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Why you should not be concerned about Virginia’s name coming up in the Yahoo! article

Documents allege Malcolm Brogdon’s mom had dinner with ASM Sports’ Christian Dawkins

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Iowa State vs Virginia David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re panicking about seeing “Former Virginia player Malcolm Brogdon” as a bullet point in today’s Yahoo! story about the seedy underbelly of the NCAA and college basketball, don’t. The story alleges that Christian Dawkins of ASM Sports, who was arrested in September in the FBI sting, had dinner with Malcolm Brogdon’s mother, Jann Adams, in March of 2016 at a Ritz Carlton.

Here are several reasons why NOT to worry:

He’s graduated

First and foremost, Malcolm Brogdon is clearly not at school anymore, so there’s no issues that could affect the current No. 1 Cavaliers and their quest for a national championship. Obviously, no one wants Virginia associated with this mess in any way, and certainly don’t want Malcolm’s (or Malcolm’s family’s) name mentioned, but the fact that their only tie to the Hoos is an alleged meal with Dr. Adams, in March of 2016 is not much to stress over.

You spent $64.16 for two people, at a Ritz Carlton?

Yeaaaaah. Ok. Unless Dawkins and Dr. Adams chowed down on some salads, you aren’t getting in and out of a Ritz for dinner under $100. This sounds more like Dawkins had himself a nice meal, said hello to Dr. Adams, and needed a second name for the expense report so Marcia from accounting wouldn’t ask him why he spent more than his per diem. (Sorry, Marcia, we know you’re just doing your job.)

The NCAA has accounted for this specifically

Again, since Malcolm is graduated this is kind of a moot point, but if he weren’t this still wouldn’t be cause for concern as the NCAA allows impermissible benefits under $100 to be paid to charity as restitution: Restitution for Receipt of Impermissible Benefits. [A] Unless otherwise noted, for violations of Bylaw 16 in which the value of the benefit is $100 or less, the eligibility of the student-athlete shall not be affected conditioned upon the student-athlete repaying the value of the benefit to a charity of his or her choice. The student-athlete, however, shall remain ineligible from the time the institution has knowledge of receipt of the impermissible benefit until the student-athlete repays the benefit. For violations of Bylaw 16 in which there is no monetary value to the benefit, violations shall be considered institutional violations per Constitution 2.8.1; however, such violations shall not affect the student-athlete’s eligibility.

This could be a factor for someone like Duke’s Wendell Carter who appears to be in a similar boat (a 60-something dollar dinner).

Fear not, Hoos. I think we’re going to be ok.