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Clemson’s Elijah Thomas Apologetic for What Happened to De’Andre Hunter

ACC Basketball Tournament - Semifinals Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

After it was announced yesterday that Virginia Cavaliers’ De’Andre Hunter was going to miss the upcoming NCAA Tournament thanks to a broken wrist, the Cavalier faithful were quick to try and figure out just how it happened.

Most remembered Hunter having a wrapped hand during the ACC Tournament in Brooklyn, and assumed it had happened weeks prior. However, Hunter had his right wrist wrapped for most of the Tournament, but as the Virginia announcement yesterday said, Hunter’s left wrist is the wrist to be operated on.

With that in mind, most went to Virginia’s semifinal matchup with the Clemson Tigers. In that game, Hunter drove the baseline from the wing and went up for the jam as he did to posterize Joel Berry earlier in the season.

Unfortunately, against Clemson, Hunter was met by 6’9 big man Elijah Thomas. Hunter hit the deck hard, but got up, shot his free throws, played the rest of the game, and then played the next night against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Naturally, Thomas drew the ire of the Virginia faithful after the announcement was made. STL is unsure, but sincerely hopes no UVa fan took to twitter to berate Thomas, who made a strong, hard, but certainly not dirty play on Hunter.

As luck would have it, Thomas did catch wind of our disappointment and tweeted at some Virginia fans that he is sorry what happened but certainly did not try and hurt Hunter.

We say bravo, Mr. Thomas. We appreciate you playing hard and your apology, even though it was not intentional. You’ve got a few more fans over the coming weeks in the NCAA Tournament.