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2018 ACC Tournament: Day 1 Rooting Guide

Who should you pull for in today’s #TurntTuesday action?

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Virginia Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC Tournament starts today (#TurntTuesday) with three games featuring our friends at the bottom of the standings. These games aren’t likely to impact the Virginia much as the No. 1 overall seed, but we’ll still be watching. In case you can’t decide who to root for, we’ve got you covered.

Game 1

Who: #13 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs #12 Boston College Eagles

When: Noon

Hoo To Root For: Boston College

Why: This game could potentially impact us in the semifinals. Is that likely? No, of course not. But BC is a better team and therefor has a better chance of knocking off 5th seeded NC State and 4th seeded Clemson. That would benefit the Hoos.

Game 2

Who: #15: Pittsburgh Panthers vs #10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

When: 2:00 p.m.

Hoo To Root For: Notre Dame

Why: Similar to above, this game isn’t likely to impact the Hoos. But Notre Dame, with Bonzie Colson back, is a threat to all the higher seeds. The winner of this game gets the Hokies tomorrow, and Notre Dame could absolutely knock off the Hokies. Considering Virginia’s lone conference loss to the Hokies, getting VT out of this tournament early would be nice. Furthermore, Notre Dame would give Duke a strong game. Then again, VT would also give Duke a strong game and actually beat the Blue Devils a week ago. But, we have a steadfast rule against rooting for the Hokies, so...

Game 3

Who: #14 Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs #11 Syracuse Orange

When: 7:00 p.m.

Hoo To Root For: Syracuse

Why: Because Syracuse is a better team and is more likely to knock off UNC tomorrow. Also, because Syracuse is on the NCAA bubble. A win over Wake Forest wouldn’t really move the needle for them, but a loss would certainly keep them out. Knocking off the Tar Heels would almost certainly get them in.

Virginia won’t play until Thursday at noon, so check back tomorrow as we pick those games.