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Justin Anderson involved in scuffle with Dwyane Wade during Sixers-Heat Game 3

Both receive technicals after Wade tries to pull Anderson down.


It’s the NBA Playoffs, so the stakes are already high. Throw in that the series between the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers is tied 1-1 and the two are in a close one in Game 3, and things are getting a little crazy. With 10:26 left in the second quarter and the Sixers holding on to a 37-33 lead, the Heat’s Dwyane Wade dragged Virginia alum Justin Anderson down by his arm.

Clearly, Anderson (understandably) took exception to this. JA got into Wade’s face after the latter added insult to (potential) injury by standing over him. The two had to be separated by the referee - well, he had to hold Anderson back - and both were assessed technical fouls.

The whole thing is, excuse the language, bullshit as Wade’s actions were incredibly dangerous and unbelievably unnecessary. Simba definitely earned the respect of Philly fans, however.

There’s also this take (again, pardon the language):

Anderson only played four minutes in the first half, but he went 1-for-2 from the field with a made three.

Wade’s play wasn’t even the first dirty play of the game. Miami’s Justise Winslow intentionally stepped on part Joel Embiid’s protective mask (he wasn’t wearing it at the time):

Virginia fans may remember another situation between Anderson and Winslow from the 2015 matchup with Duke. After a missed basket, Winslow was on the ground under the net and grabbed Anderson’s leg as he attempted to turn up court.

Looks like this is now a Sixers blog. #TeamSimba