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Virginia Lacrosse entertains themselves during the lightning delay with...Fortnite!!

That’s certainly one way to pass the time...

Jaclyn Borowski

The Virginia Cavaliers men’s lacrosse team was supposed to play No. 6 seeded Loyola tonight at 7:15pm in the first round of the NCAA tournament. The teams warmed up, starting lineups were read, and nothing happened as both squads and the crowd was ushered off the field and out of the stands, respectively, as lightning delayed the start.

As of publish, the delay has stretched into two hours with no sign of letting up. To entertain themselves, the Hoos took to their phones in the locker room:

Fortnite, in case you haven’t heard, is an extremely popular free video game that can be played on your phone or video game platform (XBox, Playstation). It pits players against one another in battle until there is one team standing and it has taken the sports world by storm. David Price of the Boston Red Sox is being questioned by the media for Fortnite possibly causing his recent carpal tunnel issues, teams using Fortnite dances to celebrate wins, and NFL players like Pittsburgh’s Juju Smith-Schuster playing the game online and streaming the battles.

The game is scheduled to restart at 9:30pm, so hopefully the Fortnite helped the Hoos get ready to roll.