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2018 MLB Draft recap: Six Virginia Cavaliers get the call

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Like most seasons, the Cavaliers took a pretty big hit in the MLB Draft. Including this season’s Draft, the program has averaged six draft picks a year, with a first round pick every year as well. According to the official Twitter account for UVa baseball, the Cavaliers’ program is the only program in the country that can say that.

This season was no different with two players drafted on the first day, three more selected on the second day, and one more drafted on the final day.

Daniel Lynch and Jake McCarthy were both drafted on the first day of the draft. Lynch, being drafted 34th overall by the Kansas City Royals in the compensation first round, signed a $1,697,500 signing bonus. McCarthy followed five picks later in the competitive balance A round by the Arizona Diamondbacks, together with a $1,650,000 signing bonus. McCarthy and Lynch have both made their debuts for their respective organizations. McCarthy started in a short season, but has already been promoted to the low-A Hillsboro Hops.

Three more Cavaliers were taken on the second day of the draft with Junior Andy Weber getting selected by the Chicago Cubs at 158th overall, RS-Jr Derek Casey going 278th overall to the Chicago Cubs, and Bennett Sousa 288th overall to the Chicago White Sox.

According to the MLB Draft Tracker, Casey has since signed a $130,000 signing bonus, while Weber has yet to come to an agreement with the Cubs. Being a Senior, Sousa has significantly less leverage, and signed for $10,000.

Junior Cameron Simmons was selected by the Texas Rangers in the 15th round on the final day. Even though it appears Simmons has yet to sign, track record says he will likely sign with the Rangers for somewhere around $125,000.

The other two names announced during the draft were signees Mike Siani and Zack Gelof. Siani, one of the top high school position players in the country, was selected by the Reds in the 4th round, while Gelof was drafted by the Indians in the 38th round by the Cleveland Indians. Being selected so late, Gelof likely will be on grounds in August.

Oddly enough, it has been reported that Siani has or will sign with the Reds for somewhere around $2 million. This was reported more than two weeks ago—see the tweet below—but pen must not have reached paper yet, because the bonus has not been reported on the Tracker. With the signing deadline not til July 6, there is still time.

In all, none of these draft picks were surprising. Siani falling so far gave many hope he would come to UVa, but most should have expected him to sign. The steal for the Cavaliers was still righty Mike Vasil, an incoming freshman from Massachusetts, who announced before the draft he was foregoing the draft to come to UVa. Vasil could step right into the weekend rotation next season.