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This is what each football program in the ACC would be if they were vehicles

It’s technically still the offseason. What do you want from us?

CJ Pony Parts

Bear with us here, everyone. It’s still the offseason. ACC Media Days are behind us and we’re in a little bit of a lull before preseason camp starts up and we start hearing more coming out of Charlottesville. In the meantime, friends at CJ Pony Parts put together this very useful infographic to help you as you get ready for preseason coverage and try to remember that Syracuse is bad at football.

We can’t really argue with the comparison of your plucky Virginia Cavaliers with a party boat. We really were having a great time until Navy came along. (We don’t need to point out that it’d more likely be the Coast Guard in this scenario...but we just did.)

The full list is below. Take a look to refresh your memory at who’s who in the ACC and how obnoxious some of those cars in the Atlantic are.

CJ Pony Parts