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Virginia recruiting news: Basketball offers top sophomore, and Smiley commitment nears

From the hardwood to the gridiron, all the news on future Hoos

Richmond v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Welcome to your respite from panicked Hurricane Florence coverage, UVA fans. In between stocking up on canned goods and toilet paper and stacking sandbags outside grandma’s door, come on in for a boatload of Virginia Cavaliers recruiting news.

Basketball extends offer in 2021 class

(Yes. That’s correct. Someone who will enroll at Virginia in 2021, who is a current high school sophomore, who probably does not have a driver’s license, has an offer from Tony Bennett.)

Carson McCorkle is an all-world name. He’s also pretty close to an all-world basketball talent, if you believe the folks who study teenage hoops. The 6’3 guard from Greensboro Day is expected to be right near the top of his class as rankings come out, and now he boasts an offer from UVA.

2020 big man Henry Coleman from Trinity Episcopal in Richmond was a big fan of the news:

Coleman and McCorkle would be very solid anchors of two consecutive recruiting classes, if both end up choosing to become Cavaliers.


A Sunday evening tweet from top Virginia target Ben Smiley officially has us on the edge of our seat for news out of Chesapeake:

Smiley needs little introduction to anyone who follows UVA football recruiting (woe be unto ye). Back in late May, the four-star defensive tackle was a Cavalier commit for less time than it takes to make sweet potatoes in the microwave before backing things up and announcing he would take his five allotted official visits.

He recently was all up in the replies to the commitment announcement from offensive lineman Ja’Quay Hubbard, with the following delightful exchange:

In other news...

Hollins closing in on commitment date

Running back target Mike Hollins is getting set to announce his commitment. UVA put in a strong showing for his official visit, with Hollins’ extended family joining him from Tidewater.

There are two ways to read the timing here:

  1. Hollins is announcing right after he goes to Utah, giving the Utes the last word and the benefit of recency.
  2. Hollins decided to announce his commitment after visiting Virginia and before visiting Utah, which means he knew UVA was where he wants to end up.

Call me a starry-eyed optimist, but I’m more inclined to reading #2.

News from committed players