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Will Ohio kick to Joe Reed? Will Ryan Zimmerman stay with the Nationals next season? Why is Perkins running so much?

So. Many. Questions.

Richmond v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Yesterday here on STL, the big news was that the UVA-Ohio game was moved to Vanderbilt in response to Hurricane Florence. Bronco Mendenhall commented on the change, plus we gave you Darney’s opinion piece on the whole ordeal. We ran with our lowdown on the game, which has pretty high stakes for a non-conference contest.

Now let’s see what else you may have missed outside of STL.

Will they or won’t they? UVA never knows if opponents will kick off to Joe Reed (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Mike Barber takes a look at how team’s approach kicking to Virginia’s explosive returner, Joe Reed. Richmond avoided him at all costs, but then he returned all four of Indiana’s kickoffs last week. The question now is: what will Ohio University do this weekend? Will the Bobcats give Reed an opportunity to run or steer clear of the talented returner?

Ryan Zimmerman has always been a Nat. But will he always be a Nat? (Washington Post)

This offseason, the Nats have to wrestle with what to do with young stars like Bryce Harper and Anthony Rendon. But next offseason poses a different question: what to do with veteran first baseman Ryan Zimmerman? Zimmerman went to Washington out of Virginia in 2005 as the team’s first draft pick after the franchise moved from Montreal. And for the first time in his career, questions about Zimmerman’s contract will emerge.

Anae expects UVA to continue leaning on Perkins (CBS19)

Virginia’s offensive coordinator Robert Anae said that QB Bryce Perkins heavy workload will continue despite the need to keep him healthy. As the team’s most consistent offensive player, the Cavaliers needs Perkins to to continue to produce until “other guys start pulling their share,” Anae told CBS19 on Tuesday. Running your starting QB as much as Virginia uses Perkins can be risky, but the reward is apparently worth it for Anae.


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