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WATCH: The unseen Adventures of Cavman from Virginia’s game against Richmond

Video wasn’t aired due to inclement weather pregame.

NCAA Football: Richmond at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Football’s season opener got off to a later start than expected thanks to inclement weather in the area, and as a result the pre-game festivities were truncated. The delay didn’t hurt Virginia on the field as the Cavaliers handled the Richmond Spiders to the tune of 42-13, but fans didn’t get their usual show.

Instead, the Hoos came out for warmups, then stayed on the field as the UVA Marching Band played the national anthem and new school president Jim Ryan called the coin toss.

The crowd missed out on the marching band’s performance before the game, as well as the Adventures of Cavman to introduce the team running onto the field. WELL, lucky for us, Virginia posted the un-aired video that shows our hero stomping out some spiders in the Rotunda’s Dome Room.

The light saber is a nice touch, in my opinion. Virginia is on the road this week as they head to Indiana to try to improve their record to 2-0, but the Hoos and Cavman’s adventures return to Scott Stadium September 15th against Ohio.