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Virginia could stop scoring and still win a lot of games

UVA would still be 13-5 if they stopped scoring with 10 minutes left

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 3 Virginia Cavaliers have been dominant in getting to their 17-1 record. The Hoos are third in the country in average scoring margin at 21.2 points per game and first in the first half at 13.5 points per game. That has led to a lot of blowouts and games that were practically over with 10 minutes left.

So, when our Wake Forest friend Riley Johnston of BIogger so Dear posed an interesting question on Twitter, we took a look at when some of Virginia’s games were effectively over. In fact, if UVA had indeed stopped scoring with 10 minutes left, they would still have won 13 of their 18 games. Below is the list of when the Cavaliers could have stopped scoring and still won the game:

When UVA could have stopped scoring and still won

Team Time Left Half
Team Time Left Half
Towson 12:05 2nd
GW 12:14 2nd
Coppin St. 1:34 1st
Mid Tenn. St. 10:34 2nd
Dayton 3:31 2nd
Wisconsin 4:40 2nd
Maryland 0:38 2nd
Morgan St. 0:35 1st
VCU 2:46 2nd
South Carolina 10:52 2nd
William & Mary 17:13 2nd
Marshall 15:46 2nd
FSU 12:44 2nd
Boston College 11:01 2nd
Clemson 12:24 2nd
Virginia Tech 11:39 2nd
Duke :(
Wake Forest 15:28 2nd

In the two games vs Coppin St. and Morgan St., Virginia could have not scored a single point in the second half and still won. In eight of their last nine games, the Hoos could have missed every shot in the fourth quarter of the game and still been victorious. This includes five ACC games and two vs top 10 teams.

Now, while this is fun and interesting, we here at Streaking the Lawn do not recommend UVA try this at Notre Dame on Saturday.