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Virginia back to No. 23 in Week 8’s SB Nation FanPulse

Saturday’s win over Duke restored some faith in the fans.

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Duke v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

The Virginia Cavaliers’ dominant win over the Blue Devils this past weekend helped push the Hoos up to No. 23 in the latest FanPulse national rankings, released today. UVA last checked in at the same spot following Week 3’s thriller against Florida State.

In other ACC news, Clemson continued to fall in the Top 25, having swapped places with Ohio State in the polls. Wake Forest, who pulled out a gutsy win over the Seminoles on Saturday, also jumped up to No. 20.

Here’s the entire view from the fans’ perspective:

Streaking The Lawn followers gave the Cavaliers a little more credit for their performance over the weekend, pushing them up one spot above the national poll at No. 22. Notably, Virginia’s 48-14 blowout also brought the community’s confidence back to 100% after it dipped all the way down to 69.6% a week ago (it’s funny how wins tend to do that).

Virginia’s FanPulse Top 25 - Week 8

Rank Team
Rank Team
1 Alabama (7-0)
2 LSU (7-0)
3 Clemson (7-0)
4 Ohio State (7-0)
5 Oklahoma (7-0)
6 Penn State (7-0)
7 Auburn (6-1)
8 Georgia (6-1)
9 Notre Dame (5-1)
10 Florida (7-1)
11 Oregon (6-1)
12 Wisconsin (6-1)
13 Texas (5-2)
14 SMU (7-0)
15 Minnesota (7-0)
16 Utah (6-1)
17 Cincinnati (6-1)
18 Baylor (7-0)
19 App State (6-0)
20 Arizona State (5-2)
21 Wake Forest (6-1)
22 Virginia (5-2)
23 Boise State (6-1)
24 San Diego State (6-1)
25 Michigan (5-2)

Remember, if you ever want to get involved in the voting process, you can always sign up for FanPulse here!