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McNabb-like Perkins fueled to take on the Hokies

Plus a little look at a couple Hoos in the NBA.

Liberty v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images
Every weekday, we deliver UVA links outside of STL that you may have missed from the day before. It’s our look Around The Corner.

Rivalry Week continues. Tomorrow we feast on turkey for Thanksgiving. And then on Friday we feast on Hokies. Here are your links to get you through the day as we head into the festivities.

Fumble could fuel U.Va.’s Bryce Perkins against rival Virginia Tech - If Perkins didn’t fumble last year, would Virginia have already ended the Hokies’ now-15 year streak? Maybe so. It doesn’t matter.

U.Va.’s Bryce Perkins conjures memories of Donovan McNabb for Hokies’ Bud Foster - For retiring Bud Foster, coaching against Virginia QB Bryce Perkins is reminiscent of his days coaching against former Syracuse QB Donovan McNabb, and all the headaches that came with that.

NBA Rookie Watch: De’Andre Hunter Is Emerging In Atlanta - Atlanta may have lost six in a row and 12 of the last 14, but don’t sleep on De’Andre Hunter, who’s silently rising to the occasion.

Ty Jerome inches back from injury, assigned to NAZ Suns - So close to return as Jerome enters the G League.

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