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National Signing Day 2020: What to watch for Virginia football

What to expect, what would count as good news, and what the Hoos are hoping to avoid

Liberty v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

The Virginia Cavaliers are squarely in the midst of National Signing Day for their 2020 class, with nine players having signed their letters of intent before 9:30 AM in Charlottesville.

Here is your quick guide to following the day.

Does everyone sign?

The #1-with-a-bullet question every year. Bronco Mendenhall has said it out loud, as have many other coaches: any player who doesn’t sign in the early signing period is essentially uncommitted. UVA came into the day with 13 commits, and should expect to sign twelve of the thirteen.

We’ve put together a list of who has signed and who hasn’t, which will be kept updated throughout the day.

The one to expect to go elsewhere is Louisiana defensive back Bud Clark. The writing has been on the walls for a few weeks, and Clark is expected to end up signing with TCU. (UPDATE: This is now official.)

Does UVA flip anyone new?

Mendenhall has decried the signing day drama that tends to draw the headlines and attention. Don’t expect Virginia to get in the habit of recruiting players who live for announcing their decision by plucking from a row of hats, with cameras arrayed around them.

That said, UVA has been active lately, capitalizing on the success of 2019 to reel in some players who had wanted to see on-the-field results; Elijah Gaines and Andrew Gentry both committed to Virginia in just the past week.

Here are a few more names to keep an eye on, both for flips and for late commitments:

  • Koy Moore, WR - currently committed to LSU
  • Alex Huntley, DT - currently committed to South Carolina
  • Demon Clowney, LB - currently committed to LSU
  • Jonathan Horton, DL/LB - not currently committed
  • James Pogorelc, OT - not currently committed
  • Devin Chandler, WR - not currently committed Chandler has committed to Wisconsin
  • Olasunkonmi Agunloye, DL - not currently committed

Do any transfer targets announce today?

Players looking to transfer between schools aren’t required to announce at any particular time. In years past, high-profile transfer news has tended to come out around signing day, at least for UVA.

One to keep an eye on is Theo Howard, a former four-star WR transferring from UCLA. Virginia has reportedly been in the hunt, and Howard would be a great fit to transition UVA’s receiving corps until the talented young players get more experience after the Hoos lose Joe Reed and Hasise Dubois to graduation this year.

Another position that could have inbound transfers include a quarterback to compete with Brennan Armstrong and add dual-threat depth. We don’t have specific names to watch, but don’t be surprised to see an announcement at some point.