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Top Virginia Sports Moments: No. 4

Kyle Guy does, in fact, have ice in his veins. We’ve fact checked this.

NCAA Men’s Final Four - National Championship - Texas Tech v Virginia Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

We’re on to No. 4 in our Top 30 countdown of the best Virginia Cavaliers sports moments of 2019!

But, before we get to the reveal, go ahead and check out our previous installments first. Here’s what we’ve gotten to in in the top ten thus far:

4. Guy’s Free Throws Send Virginia to National Championship Final

Down two points to Auburn with only 0.6 seconds to go in the Final Four. Do you go for the easy layup? Not for Virginia’s Kyle Guy. He wanted the win. The catch, the shoot, the errant ball. Virginia fans in a deafening arena were all but ready to head home with a Final Four loss, until they looked up. The players weren’t shaking hands. Guy was composing himself.

A foul! A foul! On a three!

Were the Hoos granted a final lifeline with a (correct) foul call on Kyle Guy’s last-second three-point attempt? For sure.

But that didn’t mean the game was in hand.

With the game in the balance, most could understand just how immense the pressure was for the eventual Final Four MVP as he approached the charity stripe. Heck, even going 2-for-3 and tying the game at 62 would have been impressive.

Instead, Guy cemented his place in Virginia sports history.

After it was all over, and the Cavaliers had punched their ticket to the championship contest, the junior star would admit to CBS’ Tracy Wolfson, “I was terrified.”

And as for Tony Bennett? Well, he was just thankful.

“For him in that setting to do it, it doesn’t get much better than that. Terrific […], amazing, spectacular.”

Just like that, we’re down to the best three moments of 2019. What do you think should be No. 1?