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2/15 NET REPORT: You win some, you lose some

Duke v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

So the Virginia Cavaliers stumbled a bit last weekend thanks to the Duke Blue Devils figuring out for a game that making a three point shot is possible. Thankfully for our hearts, they got back on the saddle on Monday, visiting the North Carolina Tar Heels, and coming away with a victory.

Losing to the No. 1 overall NET team (Duke keeps flip flopping with Gonzaga, they’re No. 2 right now) won’t hurt UVa much, and winning at UNC will give the Hoos another Quad 1 feather in the cap.

Here’s how the Team Sheet looked last week:

Here is what the NCAA Team Sheet will look like heading into this weekend:

Adding a win and a loss to Quad 1 won’t do much. As you can see, there wasn’t much any movement for UVa’s last four games of the season either. At VT, at Louisville, home vs. Louisville, and at Syracuse will all be opportunities to get more Quad 1 victories, while the home games against Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, and Georgia Tech, will all be Quad 3 games.

The one noticeable change came at the hands of Marshall. The Thundering Herd have decided to lose four straight and seven of their last eight, plummeting their NET ranking to No. 165, making them a Quad 4 game, rather than the Quad 3 game that they were. With only one regular season game remaining before the Conference USA Tournament, it might take a minor miracle to get Marshall back into Quad 3.