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2/8 NET Report: Miami Win Doesn’t Help but Duke Will

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Coming off their “bye” week and heading into the weekend’s showdown with the Duke Blue Devils, the Virginia Cavaliers are likely looking mighty good in the eyes of the NCAA Selection Committee.

As it stands, the Hoos are No. 1 in the NCAA’s NET Rankings followed by the Gonzaga Bulldogs, Duke, the Tennesee Volunteers, and Kentucky Wildcats rounding out the Top 5.

Here’s how the Cavaliers’ NET Team sheet looked heading into their weekend game with Miami:

Here’s how it looks going into this weekend:

UVa’s 2/8 Team Sheet

The Miami win did not really help Virginia given their struggles this year. It ends up being only a Quad 3 victory. The good news is the Florida State Seminoles’ four game winning streak has bumped them up to No. 28 in the NET giving UVa another Quad 1 win. Along the same line, the Clemson Tigers have rolled off three straight wins making the Hoos’ victory at Littlejohn last month solidly a Quad 1 victory.

Right now, UVa has 11 Quad 1 and Quad 2 victories with at least six more of those games left on the schedule. Michigan, Kansas, Villanova and Wisconsin are the only teams in the country that have more than 11 Quad 1 and Quad 2 victories, and all of them only have 12. However all of them also have more than one loss on the season as well.

This weekend’s Duke-UVa matchup is another chance for UVa to secure another Quad 1 victory and improve their resume that much more.