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UVA Hoops to Open 2019-20 Season At Syracuse

The ACC is starting off the season hot next year thanks to the ACC Network

Virginia v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The ACC had a press conference Friday afternoon prior to the night’s semifinal matchups to make a few announcements regarding the upcoming ACC Network launch.

We already knew the network is going to launch at the end of August and be buoyed by some opening weekend ACC football games including the Clemson Tigers against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Hoos will open up that weekend on the ACC Network at the Pittsburgh Pirates.

As far as basketball is concerned, the ACC announced that UVa will open up next season at the Syracuse Orange.

That’s right. Gone are the days of opening the season against Towson, UNC Greensboro, and Morgan St. Next year is going to start out on fire with a game that will have significant meaning come March.

To go along with the UVa-Cuse matchup, Georgia Tech will play at NC State, Louisville will play at Miami, and Notre Dame will play at North Carolina over a two day span on the ACC Network.

No to be unfair to those 8 teams, the ACC also announced three other ACC matchups to start the season. In true Duke Blue Devils fashion, they will play a neutral site game rather than do anything the ACC might ask them to do. (though it will be against UK, MSU, or Kansas, so)

The ACC also announced a morning show with ACC stalwart Wes Durham and a film series focusing on the history of the ACC Basketball Tournament. Though it is called “The Tournament” I am guessing many will think the subheading will be “LOOK AT HOW GREAT DUKE AND UNC ARE.”