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Streaking the Lawn Bracket Predictions

Our brave writers put their predictions on paper for the NCAAT

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Four Practice Brian Spurlock -USA TODAY Sports

Dearest readers,

We, the bloggers of Streaking the Lawn, bestow upon you our wise prognostications for the tournament - in handy dandy bracket format!

If you win any money by copying the brackets, please contribute to the Packline Pledge accordingly.

First, featuring an all ACC Final Four, we have our dear leader, Brian:

Brian Leung

Riding the Auburn hot streak, Alex Cheung:

Alex Cheung

Vanquishing the Blue Devils, Caroline Darney:

Caroline Darney

A title game of Elite Public Schools, Emily Caron:

Emily Caron

The first to not feature at UVa Final Four, Matt Ellis:

Matt Ellis

Our second resident pessimist, Will Campbell:

Will Campbell

Someone who really just wants a MSU/UM rematch, Paul Wiley:

Paul Wiley

Vanquishing some other UVa demons, Ryan Reese:

Ryan Reese

Featuring Purdue knocking out Tennessee for the Hoos, Eric Hobeck:

Eric Hobeck

And finally, the correct bracket (with an unfortunately evil final result), Pierce:


There you have it, folks. Good luck in your own predictions and make sure to join our BRACKET CHALLENGE.

Go Hoos!