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How we all helped the Hoos win during halftime

Shoutout to all the Wahoos and their superstitious behavior yesterday

Gardner Webb v Virginia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

To say things were stressful during UVa’s first half against Gardner-Webb yesterday would be a bit of an understatement. The Running Bulldogs came out inspired, energetic, and used a staunch defense to force the Virginia Cavaliers into many uncharacteristic turnovers and missed jumpers. As the 16 seed built an early double digit lead with some hot shooting (and smart play designs against the Hoos’ hard hedging), it was hard to not imagine just how rival fans and the entire internet would respond to a repeat of last year’s UMBC disaster. While calm heads and steady play led the 1 seed to a quick turnaround after the halftime break, UVa fans did their part to turn the tide and avoid the upset:

Some folks switched up their libations:

Some fans changed locations:

Some changed outfits:

(and remained motionless)

(and murdered animals?!?!?)

Some did all of the above:

Standing the rest of the game seems to have been popular:

Some decided that the audio was the real issue:

some ritually manipulated their talismans:

and some were brave enough to not believe in ghosts:

Whatever you did, thank you. We all did our part and hopefully the demons have been exorcised.

The Hoos play again tomorrow night against Oklahoma and maybe...just maybe...we won’t need to do anything drastic halfway through.