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Ty Jerome and De’Andre Hunter are playing with us on social media

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NCAA Men’s Final Four - National Championship - Texas Tech v Virginia Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Now that the confetti has been cleaned up in Minneapolis and the Corner has returned to somewhat normal foot traffic, it’s as good as anytime to speculate about the future. The most pressing question on the mind of many Virginia fans is whether or not Ty Jerome will return to play out his fourth-year.

And what better way to speculate this than through a deep dive into the world of social media?

Recently, Ty Jerome and De’Andre Hunter decided to stir the Virginia social media pot a little bit through exchanged posts and comments on Instagram. Jerome first posted a video with it seemingly suggesting that he is trying to elicit Hunter to stay another year.

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Word. I can get with that movement. Then, Hunter posted his own video. Jerome commented “Are you leaving?” to which Hunter responded “I’m going back-to-back”.

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I don’t need no one vouching for me.

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Okay, it’s getting pretty spicy. Some Virginia fans might even see those posts as cause for another Corner-flooding celebration. But, hold up. Jerome then posted a video with the caption “This the s*** I wanna go out to”. Not the best of signs... but also an exceptional nod to an older Drake song (“Furthest Thing”, for those that don’t know). Hunter commented “Year 4?!” to which Jerome responded with “I’m doing whatever you do big bro”.

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This the I wanna go out to

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So, now we’re back to more cryptic messages to decipher. At the end of the day, Virginia’s players are clearly having some post-Championship fun/trolling. De’Andre Hunter is poised to be lottery pick and Ty Jerome is projected to be late first round pick. While Virginia fans will cheer and root for the decisions that De’Andre and Ty make, one can’t help but think...

What if this squad gives it one more go next year???