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Virginia changed its strategy to win the national title. Here’s how.

Tony Bennett made small tweaks at the right times—and had the players to make them work.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Practice Day Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been almost three weeks since the Virginia Cavaliers captured the 2019 title—17 days as of this writing, to be exact. That means you’ve had 17 opportunities to watch each and every highlight film of those glorious 45 minutes in Minneapolis.

But what about how Virginia got there? No, not film of the Auburn game or The Play to beat Purdue. Breaking down what UVA did over the course of the entire season that prepared them to attack Texas Tech’s stifling defense.

Look no further.

Jordan Sperber has put out some great analysis of Virginia basketball through the entire 2019 season, from a tutorial on the Blocker-Mover offense to studying how the Hoos beat Ethan Happ and the Wisconsin Badgers in the Bahamas. His NCAA Tourney Bible was a great resource for studying up on the entire field.

The big takeaway? Tony Bennett modified—but didn’t discard—the core schematic principles that drove Virginia’s success, made great in-game adjustments to both personnel and strategy, and used the regular season to prepare those adjustments for primetime. In short: everything UVA fans hoped for after 2018.