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Reddit co-founder and Virginia alumnus Alexis Ohanian is having fun with his Hokie friends

Ohanian says he’s still floating and yes, we really are still tipsy.

WORLDZ Cultural Marketing Summit 2017 Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for PTTOW!

Alexis Ohanian is known for a lot of things. In Charlottesville, he’s known as a UVA graduate. In Palo Alto and among entrepreneurs, he’s known as the co-founder of Reddit. Most everywhere else in the country, he’s known as the husband of Serena Williams.

But he wants his Hokie friends to know something else — he’s a fan of the national champion Virginia Cavaliers basketball team.

Earlier this April, Ohanian (Com ‘05) made it back on Grounds, along with his fellow Reddit co-founder and classmate Steve Huffman (Engr ‘05), for a dedication at Alderman Library of a sign marking the birthplace of Reddit. It was there that Ohanian and Huffman registered the domain

Read the sign carefully and you’ll see the quip, “No data is available on how much ‘study time’ has been spent on the site.” Then again, it probably doesn’t matter.

While on Grounds, he was hosted by Darden for a free event sponsored by the New York Times, where he spoke on entrepreneurship and innovation. When he learned the live stream was being broadcast at Virginia Tech as well, he didn’t pass up on the opportunity to remind his Hokie friends of the hardware that Virginia just hauled home.

After putting on his brand new National Champions hat, he joked that he was still floating after Minneapolis, and that “half of y’all [the crowd] are probably still tipsy from the celebration.”

I mean, what is this, an interrogation?

It’s good to see that his Virginia roots are still running deep. The lucky guy also got the chance to go behind the scenes of Virginia Basketball.