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How to get the best seats to watch Virginia in Monday’s NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

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Here’s where you should sit in U.S. Bank Stadium to cheer on the Cavaliers

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Semifinals-Virginia vs Auburn Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Virginia Cavaliers will play for the school’s first-ever men’s basketball NCAA Tournament title on Monday evening.

You knew that, but I wanted to type it out again just anyway.

If you aren’t already in Minneapolis but are looking to come—or if you are here but need to score some tickets for Monday night—we want to help you find the best way to sit near and among fellow UVA fans.

As of Sunday morning, the get-in-the-door price looks to be about $175 including fees, for the corner of the upper deck. The video boards in U.S. Bank Stadium are pretty decent for showing the game (even if not for displaying live stats) so you should be able to follow all the action just fine, even that far away.

The official Virginia sections are 103, 105, 106, 107, and V1 and part of V2. Tickets are very limited in those sections: my research turned up only two seats in V2, for more than $2,000 per.

Michigan State had V4 and V5, plus 111 through 114. The Spartans’ allotment is on the same side of the court as UVA, which should allow you to get among your fellow Cavaliers.

Auburn shared a side with Texas Tech, and a good number of the Auburn section—F1, F2, 127, and 129—was already filled with Red Raiders for the later semifinal on Saturday. Thankfully snagging tickets online from Tigers fans shouldn’t require you to reveal your Wahoo allegiance, which I’m sure would suddenly inflate the asking price.

Texas Tech has F4, F5, 132, 134, and the sections behind them. Venture here at your own risk.

Outside of the official sections, focus on the top left quadrant of the arena—put Section 312 at true north, and see what you can snag in the northwest sections. Avoid the southwest quadrant, which is overwhelmingly Texas Tech fans.

But most importantly: get here, bring a friend, and come ready to GET LOUD!