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Lets all watch Virginia remind the world that they’re the CHAMPS

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Because they won the national title. Remember that?

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Virginia Watch Party Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

You read all the jokes over the last year. The naysaying columns. Virginia basketball was too slow. Too defensively oriented. Too ugly. Too...lost to UMBC-Y to ever enjoy a moment like this.

And when they improbably climbed near the top of the mountain, you read about how this game was going to suck, how it was going to be a testament to unwatchable basketball.

Well, Virginia won. And not only that, but they won an amazing, unquestionably exciting game. And once you win, you get to wear goofy hats. You get to bathe in a sea of confetti. You get dance all goofy-like. And you get to update that bracket.

Hey, lets look at Virginia doing just that.

All of the UMBC jokes, all of the frustration, all of the angst...none of that can take that image away. Call Virginia ugly if you want. But now, you also have to call them champions.