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Jack Salt gets vociferous welcome at elementary school visit

Now THAT’S a greeting.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Virginia National Championship Celebration Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Add “elementary school superstar” right next to “National Champion” on the list of Jack Salt’s accolades. The fifth year big man visited Stone Robinson Elementary School and spoke to the students during a school-wide assembly, and you would have thought One Direction had walked in with the reception he got:

Salt, who won the Sydney Young Memorial Award and one of the ACC Top VI Awards at Wednesday’s Hoos Choice Awards, spoke to the students on education and character.

After graduating with a degree in anthropology, Salt has been studying educational psychology at the Curry School of Education. He frequently visits local schools as a tutor and mentor, so this is nothing new for Salt.

Being a national champ won’t stop you from getting roasted by your teammates, however:

Cold blooded, Ty. Cold blooded.