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Where will UVA players go in the NBA Draft?

We look at 20 different mock drafts to predict where Hunter, Jerome, and Guy will be drafted

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA draft almost upon us, three UVA stars hope to hear their names called. Last month, we looked at the mock drafts after the NBA lottery was determined in order to predict the futures of De’Andre Hunter, Ty Jerome, and Kyle Guy.

After the blockbuster trade of Anthony Davis from New Orleans to the Lakers for the No. 4 pick, there was a whole new round of NBA Mock Drafts. This is particularly important for projecting where De’Andre Hunter will end up since he was slotting to go in that general area of the draft.

Looking at 20 different mock drafts, Hunter is projected to go anywhere between No. 4 to No. 8. Jerome is predicted to go between No. 20 and No. 40. Meanwhile, Guy ranged from as high as No. 45 to undrafted. Below are the details with the most frequent landing spots and the associated teams:

2019 NBA Mock Drafts - Virginia Players

Mock Draft De'Andre Hunter Ty Jerome Kyle Guy
Mock Draft De'Andre Hunter Ty Jerome Kyle Guy
SB Nation 8-Atlanta Hawks * *
The Ringer 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 22-Boston Celtics **
CBS (Matt Norlander) 4-New Orleans Pelicans 25-Portland Trailblazers 52-Charlotte Hornets
CBS (Gary Parrish) 4-New Orleans Pelicans 23-Memphis Grizzlies *
CBS (Kyle Boone) 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 24-Philadelphia 76ers **
Sports Illustrated 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 26-Cleveland Cavaliers **
Bleacher Report 4-New Orleans Pelicans * *
The Athletic 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 33-Philadelphia 76ers **
USA Today 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 26-Cleveland Cavaliers *
ESPN 7-Chicago Bulls 26-Cleveland Cavaliers **
NBC Sports 6-Phoenix Suns 28-Golden State Warriors *
Tankathon 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 30-Milwaukee Bucks 56-Los Angeles Clippers
Draft Tek 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 29-San Antonio Spurs 55-New York Knicks
My NBA Draft 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 26-Cleveland Cavaliers **
NBADraft.Net 6-Phoenix Suns 24-Philadelphia 76ers 45-Detroit Pistons
NBA Draft Room 8-Atlanta Hawks 40-Sacramento Kings **
The Big Lead 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 28-Golden State Warriors *
Draft Site 8-Atlanta Hawks 32-Atlanta Hawks **
Basketball Insiders 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 33-Philadelphia 76ers **
Heavy 5-Cleveland Cavaliers 28-Golden State Warriors **
* Not included, but didn’t provide 2nd round mock; ** Not included, but provided 2nd round mock

More than half of the mocks have Hunter going No. 5 overall to Cleveland, which recently hired Michigan coach John Beilein. The other landing spots were No. 4 to New Orleans, No. 6 to Phoenix, No. 7 to Chicago, or falling to No. 8 to Atlanta.

Meanwhile, Jerome has the widest range, going from No. 20 to the Celtics to No. 40 to the Kings. Four mocks have Jerome going to Philadelphia since the 76ers have the No. 24 and No. 33 picks. There he could team up with former Cavalier Mike Scott. Four mocks have him going to Cleveland and three of those four also had Hunter in Cleveland at #5, keeping the two best friends on the same team. That is a lot of Cavaliers love.

Of the 13 mock drafts that included a second round, Kyle Guy was projected to be drafted in four of them. They ranged from No. 45 to Detroit to No. 56 to the Clippers. Virginia fans should not feel discouraged if Guy goes undrafted since roughly a quarter of the NBA is made up of undrafted players, including NBA Finals hero Fred VanVleet.

Stay tuned to Streaking the Lawn for draft profiles for these players as well as 2019 NBA Draft coverage.