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De’Andre Hunter rocking a FIRE suit for the NBA Draft

Now THIS is a great look.

2019 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

When you’re going to go as a lottery pick in the NBA Draft, you dress the part. Virginia player De’Andre Hunter did exactly that, outfitting himself in a sparkly suit jacket over black shirt and tie.

Dre’s necklace — per a story from the Daily Progress — is a gift from his brother, Aaron. It features Hunter’s father, who passed away when De’Andre was seven, holding him as a baby. “He’s going to see it all with me,” Hunter told the Progress. “That’s how I look at it.”


Hunter partnered with JC Penney for his draft look, and the pair customized a J. Ferrar suit with a personalized lining.

Before the draft, Hunter was stoked to debut the look. “We customized a pretty cool suit, a JF [J.Ferrar] suit,” Hunter told Emily Caron for a Sport Illustrated piece. “I don’t want to give too much away but I feel like it’s a nice suit and we did a pretty good job getting at my style. I’m just excited for everyone to see it.”

He also had a chance this week to complete the outfit with a new watch from Tissot:

Tissot Instagram

Tissot is also outfitting all the first round draft picks with a custom watch, so Hunter will have a second timepiece to add to the collection:

The Draft kicks off at 7pm EST, and will be broadcast on ESPN.