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Build your Virginia Basketball Dream Team with $15

If you had $15 dollars, you could buy 60 Chicken McNuggets

Wake Forest v Virginia Photo by Chet Strange/Getty Images

You know the drill. If you had $15 to build the ultimate Virginia men’s basketball team, who would you want? The only rules are that you must “spend” all $15 and have a player at each position.

Players were broken into position groups and then ranked by our staff, so that is why some players may seem like a steal (Ty Jerome and Kyle Guy for $4, for example).


$5 - John Crotty (PG), Malcolm Brogdon (SG), De’Andre Hunter (SF), Wally Walker (PF), Ralph Sampson (C)
$4 - Ty Jerome (PG), Kyle Guy (SG), Bryant Stith (SF), Junior Burrough (PF), Travis Watson (C)
$3 - Sean Singletary (PG), Jeff Lamp (SG), Chris Williams (SF), Mike Scott (PF), Olden Polynice (C)
$2 - London Perrantes (PG), Barry Parkhill (SG), Joe Harris (SF), Anthony Gill (PF), Ted Jeffries (C)
$1 - Harold Deane (PG), Buzzy Wilkinson (SG), Justin Anderson (SF), Akil Mitchell (PF), Norman Nolan (C)

Who would you have to leave off the team? What were the easiest and hardest calls to make? For those curious, this would be my ultimate team: Evan Nolte (PG), Evan Nolte (SG), Evan Nolte (SF), Evan Nolte (PF), Evan Nolte (C).