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Virginia Athletics Announces Football Gameday Changes. BEER! Wine! Kinda!

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Virginia Basketball National Championship Celebration Photo by Ryan M. Kelly for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Virginia athletics announced on Thursday afternoon some changes to the football gameday experience in hopes of drawing bigger crowds this upcoming season.

Though nothing major was announced, a fairly big announcement, that many had heard rumblings of, was the revelation that beer and wine will be for sale within Scott Stadium during the game.

No longer will you have to wait until after the game, or leave during the game (and never return) to enjoy an adult beverage.

This is obviously an upgrade because they now appear to believe most adults can handle themselves, but the beer and wine will only be for sale at “beverage gardens” near the east and west gates. The bigger problem is the beer and wine has to be consumed within the confines of these “beverage gardens.” Can you see the football field from these spots? What types of beers for sale? Are we supporting the local craft beer and wine community or whatever Bud Lights Aramark is selling that weekend? All questions that will be answered.

Other enhancements that were announced include:

  • Upgrading the audio quality inside the stadium by installing a new sound system for the music and PA announcements.
  • Upgrading and optimizing the WIFI!
  • The “script” has been adjusted to allow for more music from the band and DJ Ron Manila.
  • And they have appeared to officially gotten rid of the Adventures of Cavman.