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Reminder: Register for the STL Tailgate!

Where’s the best place to tailgate in America? You already know.

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Happy Hump Day, everybody! This is your friendly reminder to register for the official 2019 Streaking the Lawn Tailgate before the Virginia Cavaliers take on the Florida State Seminoles under the lights and on sort-of-national television Saturday night. We’re partnering with Draft Taproom as the official sponsor of the tailgate — they’ll also be providing wings for the over 200 of you who have already RSVPed!

In case you missed the previous announcement, we’re throwing down starting at 4:30 in front of the Astronomy Building on McCormick, just past Alderman and across from O’Hill and Watson-Webb. In addition to Draft Taproom’s delicious wings, we’ll also have plenty of other food, beer, non-alcoholic beverages, plus assorted giveaways.

Just keep an eye out for the Streaking the Lawn banner as well as a Final Four Minneapolis banner! But please, do us a favor and register here, or in the Google Form below, so that we have an accurate headcount.

Here’s a list of those who have already registered as of this post (bold represents an STL contributor):

2019 STL Tailgate

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Brian Leung (@TheUVAFool) Darns @SayerPaige Tiki
@pierceRX @eric_hobeck @blloyd8298 @Conswahoo
Hunter Chorey @bgrieser @suzrice12 Sean godwin!
Marshdog Matt's Mom Jimmy Lee Michael Midkiff
HSCHoo08 - Chris Colgate Omahaskibum @azurelullaby Mike and Jen Fontaine
gnelly Nic Skirpan @Abhoo12 & @Marc_hei PKL
Joshua Dutton Erin Hume Jordan Secrist A90Hoo
Kevin Rankin Rob & Liz Fidler CP Brian & Conor Costello
@philchichester Anna Claire Fotopoulos, Spiro Fotopoulos Nate R @Rahtgee Big bro
DooHoo Nicole & Scott @3bizzle1 Alex Jarama
@dr3wl3st3r Wah00wa Win Pham Travis & Jen
Lcp4f @A_McNeill2913 Craig, Kristine, Ashby, Colleen Robert Keller
@lkghoo Leslie Alpert Lima Lad @madisonbusch
ChrisTheHoo Von & Linda Mosser @wahoofan5 @skyline360 and Rellek Hardy
@thedizabides @_JoshBurton Carrie Brown Eric
Kyle Matous Felinis T. Taylor @erinliss
K Lewis Brenda and Matt Gilliam @jtgayner J Dubbs
@The_Superhoo @JimSchweitzer Jack W Real name
M. Carlton OrthoNurseLB

Can’t view the entire form? Click on a field and use “Tab” to work your way through, or click here to open the full form.