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Welcome to Streaking the Lawn...Kyle Guy!

Yeah, that Kyle Guy!

Florida State v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then, I get the great pleasure of adding a new contributor to our Streaking the Lawn team, and today is one of those days! Our newest contributor is already a household name amongst Virginia Cavaliers fans, but join me in giving a heartfelt welcome to none other than Kyle Guy, STL’s latest contributor!

You already know Guy’s background and what he’s done for Virginia Basketball, and we’re not going to insult the man by giving him his full bio here. If you don’t know though, just Google GOAT.

But here’s a twist for you: Kyle’s going to be giving his analysis on football. Why though? We investigated!

I’m choosing to write about football for a few reasons. First off, I love the sport. My dad played and he coached me when I was playing. He’s also from Cincinnati so I grew up a Bengals fan and still am. Football was my first love. Secondly, I talk basketball all day everyday and it’s my literal job now so it’s nice to view this as a hobby and fun to talk about. Lastly, who wouldn’t want to write about this team? We have a chance to be really great and I know a lot of guys on the team which makes it even better as a fan.

If you’re me, you immediately can’t wait to see what kind of takes are coming your way. Not so fast. He says he’s here just out of “pure joy for the game and the team” and [unfortunately] “not to make hot takes or ruffle feathers. Just observe and give my NON-professional opinion and more importantly hype up my team.”

So, what does he know about this team? We asked him, if there were any player on the current football team who might stand a chance at beating him in some sort of basketball challenge (HORSE, 3-pt shooting contest, 21), who would that be, and what challenge?

Well I know Charles Snowden played a little bit and obviously Nash played with me. Football players are freak athletes so I assume someone on the team would beat me in a dunk contest... I like to think no one would beat me in a shooting contest but then again they would laugh at me if I tried to rush QB1.

Don’t let Guy fool you though — of course our hero can dunk.

We also asked him, what is your favorite non-basketball-related memory of UVA?

I don’t know what it is with me and redemption stories but I was on my official with Jay, Ty, and Dre and saw Notre dame beat our football team in Charlottesville and our record wasn’t great so to see the complete turn around to now is cool.

And lastly, his favorite spot on Grounds?

CROSSROADS!!! Me and the team always went to get Halo Top and a burger for the low!!! Easily my favorite.