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MVP and takeaways from Virginia Football’s win over Old Dominion

There was a lot to like and a lot to work on after Virginia improves to 4-0.

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Old Dominion v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

First things first... everybody RELAX. We won. We haven’t been 4-0 since 2004. We’re making history and winning games which is what we all asked for. I’m proud of this team. Once again, we’ve shown the guts to battle back from a lot of different scenarios. I think we have a lot of room to improve, but let’s not overreact to a WIN. The energy to start the game was horrendous. I think most players and coaches would agree. And for some reason when ODU went up 10-0, the energy almost got worse. It took a whole half to get this team ready which is a tad concerning but knowing this staff and these players, I would bet a lot of money (since I’m allowed to now) it won’t happen again. These guys understand what it means to sky dive with no parachute!!!!

Now for the fun part, In depth takeaways from last nights game:

MVP: Charles Snowden

Snowden posted a stat line of 15 tackles — 3.5 of which were TFL — and two sacks. He was a no-brainer to break the rock after the game. In the second half it felt like he was hurrying the QB or in the backfield every play. Snowden had a breakout game and showed the heart and tenacity we will need every down for the rest of the season.


Unfortunately this was a sloppy game so the cons outweighs the pros. But as I see it, if you can win with after these outcomes then there’s an opportunity for greatness. Joe Reed is always a bright spot and always seems to be there when we need him. Mr. Reliable. I would love to see Joe in some more open space opportunities.

Bryce Perkins got banged up but had a steady game and per usual, made things happen. Whatever it takes to win for No. 3, and that’s why we love him.


I was bothered by the way their OL handled us in the first half and our OL really never found an answer for Keion White and the rest of their front seven. We had to blitz both ILB’s almost every play in the second half in order to create some havoc in their backfield.

Even more than that, our tackling was very very questionable. Lots of arm tackling and drag tackles. This will change so there’s not much to say. We have talented and experienced leaders on our defense that will see to it, we’re better.

I feel like every game I come to the conclusion that I want to see more touches for Wayne Tualapapa. All the guy knows is touchdowns. And with how hard he runs, he will fall out of bed and give you 4.5 yards per carry (with more touches). Our OL has shown promise through four games but we need to establish a run game or more RPO oriented plays to keep defenses honest. Bryce Perkins cannot keep getting hit the way he has been.


The problem with these takeaways is that I respect the hell out of these coaches and players. They know their weaknesses and demand perfection. Not to mention they know what they’re doing. They’re 4-0 and not going to take advice from basketball player pretending to know football better than them... because lord help us if they did.

Finally, I already touched on it but this team wants to win for us. The standard is here and I’m here for every second of it!!!! We have a tall task ahead next weekend in South Bend. We will need to make adjustments but I’m confident we’ll be prepared to make another statement win for the program. Go Hoos.