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Sneak peek at Virginia’s new basketball jerseys and practice

Let’s overanalyze!

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

After an agonizingly long wait, we finally have some footage and photos of Virginia Basketball action to pour over. The Cavaliers posted their first short video of practice, and equipment manager Matthew Althoff followed it up with a couple shots of some new jerseys that the team will unveil in the 2020-21 season.

Official practice started on October 14, and we are still waiting on a full schedule for the upcoming season affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The season gets underway on November 25 in Connecticut as Virginia squares off against St. Peter’s as part of “Bubbleville.” Virginia will play Florida on November 27th as part of the same event and is currently still scheduled to play against Villanova at Madison Square Garden on December 19. The ACC/Big Ten Challenge is still expected to take place, and there are some rumors that the Cavaliers might be welcoming Michigan State to Charlottesville on either December 8 or 9.

Practice Video

REAL LIVE PRACTICE FOOTAGE!!! It’s only a 30 second video, but plenty to overanalyze and rewatch several times. It’s weird to see them playing with gaiters on, but such is the world of 2020. Check it out:

  • Passing! Dribbling! Stretching!
  • First look at Trey Murphy (No. 25), the transfer from Rice...he will have to sit this season, but excited to see him in action.
  • Ok, Jay Huff...we see you with the creative layup.
  • Hauser gets to the rim so easily. He’s going to be so important to bring life to the Virginia offense.
  • Not a ton of footage of the three newcomers (Jabri Abdur-Rahim, Carson McCorkle, and Reece Beekman), but it’s just a 30 second video.


These new threads look sharp. Obviously, we don’t get a whole picture of what they look like, but there is enough to compare to previous iterations.

  • The navy jerseys have white numbers with orange outlines now, which is the flip of what they had last season.
  • Seeing the “we won a National Championship” gold tab will never get old.
  • The pillars are now on the inside hem of the jerseys at the’s a good look!
  • I hope there’s more orange in the parts we aren’t seeing.

What are your thoughts?!