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Virginia Cavaliers Fans Holiday Gift Guide

Get all the Hoos in Hooville something great this year!

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.

Holiday Season Begins Across New York City Area Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

We chose these items because we think they’re pretty cool. If you purchase any of these, we may get a commission based on our affiliate link. That’s pretty cool too!

We don’t mean to alarm anyone with this, but the holidays are here and you are running out of time to purchase gifts for your friends and family! The good news, though, is that we also know that everyone online endeavor to shop for others on your list turns into a self-shopping spree, and you never run out of time for that.

We’ve compiled some of the best or most unique things we saw out there for Virginia Cavaliers fans. Sure, you can always buy a hoodie or a tshirt or something along those lines, but why not step it up this year?

At the time of publish, these gifts are all in stock and should arrive in time for Christmas, but it’s 2020, you’re likely not seeing as many friends and family as you have in the past, so even if it doesn’t arrive in time, that’s all just part of the joy of 2020, right?

If we left out the coolest gift you’ve ever received, drop a note in the comments!

100 Things Virginia Fans Should Know and Do

  • $14
  • $15
  • 4% off

You obviously knew this would make the list. Sure, it was published before UMBC and before the championship, but the people you meet and stories you read along the way are what makes the journey worth it. Plus, it’s written by the brightest, best-looking author out there.

Catstudio UVA Artwork Printed on a Frosted Glass

  • $17

How great is this? This is a hand-drawn design with collaborative input from a group of passionate alumni, fans, faculty, and locals. It’s officially licensed, and a percentage of each sale gets donated back to the University. 15 oz frosted, dishwasher safe glasses that scream, it’s GAME TIME.

BreakingT UVA Collection

  • $18

We’ve worked closely with the team at BreakingT to come up with these unique—and officially licensed!—UVA designs to celebrate Virginia Football setting THE Standard and Virginia Basketball winning a championship built on the Five Pillars. They’ve also put together MLB designs with alumni Ryan Zimmerman, Sean Doolittle, and Chris Taylor. Peep the whole collection!

Virginia Cavaliers Face Masks

  • $20
  • $25
  • 21% off

It’s 2020 and these make for perfect stocking stuffers, or just time-relevant gifts for your favorite Cavaliers fans. Whether when eventually we’re allowed back in stadiums and arenas again or just your weekly grocery run, this is the perfect way to show off your spirit. It even comes with a slot for a filter.

UVA Putter Cover

  • $23

This product from Team Effort is great for any golfer on your shopping list. It’s embroidered and has an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars with nearly 600 reviews on Amazon. They’re already low on stock, so you’d better get to getting.

Team Sports America Cav Man Statute

  • $30

Cav Man stands at about 12” tall in this hand-painted sculpture that works great in lieu of a garden gnome, or maybe on your desk to protect against Hokie coworkers nearby. Hey, he also makes for a great bookshelf item for your Zoom background!

National Championship Panoramic

  • $40

This is a three-foot wide, unframed panoramic from Blakeway Worldwide Panoramic of the greatest redemption story of all time for just $40. Or, go ahead and splurge and get the double-matted, framed, four-foot wide gift that’s ready to hang. Lots of other framed options and versions available after you click through as well!

University of Virginia Old Logo Flask by Smathers & Branson

  • $56
  • $65
  • 15% off

When you’re ready to kick up the class just a bit, this Smathers & Branson needlepoint flask—with the old school Block V logo—sends exactly the right message. It’s not that you’re trying to sneak a swig in, it’s just that this is an elegant accessory to your attire. Someone in your life is incomplete without it.

Hover Helmets Levitating UVA Football Helmet

  • $99
  • $119
  • 17% off

On the higher end of gifts, this is a FLOATING UVA FOOTBALL HELMET. Through the magic of science and wizardry, this football helmet just floats mid-air, and if you want, you can have it steadily rotating. Click through to see the video of this sorcery in action.

Custom Lawn Belt in Light Blue by Smathers & Branson

  • $149
  • $175
  • 16% off

Not everyone appreciates the beauty of a custom stitched needlepoint belt. I mean to be honest, a lot of people won’t even notice the belt. Until you lift your shirt up and exclaim to everyone how you have a custom stitched needlepoint belt. As you should. It’s the only belt fit for Mr. Jefferson’s University.