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Happy Holidays from Streaking the Lawn

In the spirit of the holidays, we’re donating this year’s profits to UVA Health COVID-19 Support.

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Happy Holidays

from the entire Streaking the Lawn staff!

What a year it’s been.

And that’s an understatement. But as we near the end of 2020, I get to take a minute to write my favorite article of this year: this one.

Each of us here at Streaking the Lawn covers Virginia because we find ourselves obsessing over UVA sports. Like each of you, we all (theoretically) have lives outside of UVA sports, but we choose to allow the Hoos to consume our free time and energy because well, what else do we have to do?

Every year, we take the profits we’ve earned from advertising dollars and affiliate revenue and we donate it to a charity of interest to the local UVA and Charlottesville communities.

In the spirit of the holidays, Streaking the Lawn will be making a donation to UVA Health’s COVID-19 Support.

We all had a challenging year, I won’t list out all the different ways in which this year has been a challenging one. But our STL team is grateful for the folks at UVA Health who have prioritized being frontline health care workers to ensure the University and Charlottesville communities stay safe, and that we can all continue marching forward towards the light of hope.

The gift to the COVID-19 Support fund will be directed to UVA Health’s most urgent needs, including COVID testing, patient care, ensuring the health and safety of their frontline team members, and participating in nationwide coronavirus research. Here’s the latest on what they’ve done so far,

With the cancellation of the NCAA Tournament and spring sports, we’ve struggled on STL generating the levels of revenue we typically do. And so while we’re donating this year’s profits, we know that this isn’t as big a donation as we have done in the past. If you’re looking for ways to amplify this gift for us, here are a few:

  1. You can make a donation directly to UVA Health by visiting here.
  2. If you’d like to contribute to us to make our gift bigger, email me ( and we can coordinate you sending me the money. I’ll collect and forward everything together in January, although note that if you do it this way, you won’t get the tax benefits.
  3. Bookmark our Amazon Affiliate link and click on it right before you check out on any cart. If we’re the last affiliate link you click on before checking out, we’ll get a very small commission.
  4. Just keep supporting us. Read the articles. Download and listen to the podcasts. Engage with the site frequently!

Past recipients of our annual donation include: Special Olympics of Virginia (2010), The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia (2011), Cavaliers Against Cancer (2012), the oncology center of UVA Children’s Hospital (2013), Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (2014), and the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (2015), Chris Long Foundation’s Waterboys (2016), the Heal Charlottesville Fund (2017), UVA Children’s Hospital (2018), and UVA Football’s Thursday’s Heroes (2019).

Thank you, dear reader, for supporting us all year long. Thanks for reading our articles. Thanks for buying all of our merch. Thanks for passing along our podcasts to all your friends. Thanks for making us a part of your UVA sports obsession.

Here’s to hoping 2021 is literally anything at all better than 2020, and thank you again to UVA Health for everything you do!