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Valentine’s Day cards for your significant other

These will definitely elevate your Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! We, here, at Streaking The Lawn hope your day is celebrated with that special someone. Even though the holiday could very well be a manufactured tradition created by Hallmark, don’t let that stop you from writing a thoughtful and meaningful card to your valentine.

What’s that, you said? You forgot to write a card? Well, lucky for you, we got you. We’ve compiled a collection of beautifully crafted Valentine’s Day messages that you can print out (or share over text, email, Instagram DM) that is tailored for your beloved UVa basketball fan. We hope you enjoy them.

you’re always a five-star in my heart
nobody does it better
free throw game is clutch too
blondes have more fun
the five pillars is just the foundation
your favorite Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise contestant
i would transfer from alabama to be with you
even you, umbc