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Cavaliers’ Basketball 2/24 NET Report

Virginia v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Virginia Cavaliers took care of business yet again over the last week defeating the Boston College Eagles 78-65 in Charlottesville and the Pittsburgh Panthers 59-56 on the road over the weekend.

The wins won’t drastically improve UVa’s chances at an at large bid for next month’s NCAA Tournament, but avoiding bad losses is the other half of the game teams must play as March approaches.

Boston College is currently 150 in the NET which makes last week home win a Quad 3 win on UVa’s resume. The cutoff for a home game in Q3 is 160, so BC is playing with fire, but should stay in Q3 for the remainder of the season.

Pittsburgh enters Monday at 100 in the NET and a Quad 2 win for the Cavaliers. It’s doubtful the Panthers could jump 24 spots to make the game a Q1 victory or fall 35 spots to make it a Q3 win, so that should stay relatively safe.

Here is how UVa’s NET Report the NCAA Selection committee will see looks entering this week:

Both Clemson and South Carolina have played their way up the NET Rankings, helping UVa’s cause by giving them more Q2 games rather than Q3 games. On the other hand, Virginia Tech’s slip has forced them out of Q2 and UVa’s trip to Blacksburg, once a Quad 1 game, is now in Quad 2.

Virginia Tech could win a few of their remaining games and jump into the top 75 allowing UVa to have three of their remaining four games in Quad 1, but it doesn’t look likely. While a loss to Miami or Virginia Tech would hurt UVa’s March Madness hopes, it wouldn’t eliminate them.

Duke and Louisville are clearly the cream of the crop of the ACC this season and with remaining home games against both, if the Hoos can knock off one cementing a .500 Quad 1 record, it could also cement their tournament hopes.