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Reports: NCAA to grant additional eligibility to spring sport athletes

Do not high five your teammates.
UVA Media Relations

With the cancellation of sports across all the major professional leagues as well as the NCAA, teams, athletes and fans have about a million questions on what this means across the board — who still gets paid? Will UVA get another championship celebration in both basketball and lacrosse? What does this mean for the seniors?

Understandably, there aren’t a ton of answers right now as things unfold at breakneck speed. But the NCAA is certainly working towards it. Multiple reports on Twitter are saying that the NCAA will be granting an additional season of competition to student-athletes of spring sports, but no decision has yet been made for those who compete in winter sports.

Obviously, the specifics are still being worked on. One of the biggest questions would be whether this applies to fifth-year seniors who may have transferred or redshirted somewhere along the way. If so, what does that mean for the number of available scholarships a school can use, given the incoming scholarship freshmen next year?

We’ll keep you posted on details as they arise and as the story unfolds. We expect this to continue to take a few more twists and turns before we get true clarity here.