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Want to help UVA students affected by COVID-19? Now you can.

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The University of Virginia announced March 11 that classes would be moving online and that students should not return to Grounds for “the foreseeable future” as a result of concerns around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In addition to the school shifting online, all athletic seasons — including the NCAA basketball tournaments — were cancelled.

These cancellations and changes have left some students with a lot of questions regarding where they’ll stay, how they’ll eat, and if they can get online.

Now you can help. Director of Development for Student Affairs, Bo Greenwood, set up a place to donate to the Student Life and Leadership Fund. The fund is used as a “rainy day” stash to help students with surprise expenses. Now, you can help those that have been displaced as a result of the coronavirus.

The Student Life and Leadership Fund will “ with travel expenses, meals, technology needed for online learning, and other necessities.”

Click here to donate.