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Throwback Thursday: Catching up with Paddy Foss

Jim Daves / UVA Media Relations

Quarantine Week 1,482. It is Thursday, and on Thursdays we throw it back. Today we’re going to throw it back to another Friend of the Pod, Paddy Foss (College ‘15, Curry ‘16). Paddy played for Virginia Soccer from 2013-2016, including on the 2014 National Championship team, where he converted on the Hoos’ third penalty kick against UCLA.

Since graduating from UVA, he hasn’t gone very far, still living in Charlottesville pretending to be youth. In his free time, you’ll find him pretending to ride his Peloton while silently running the University from the UVA Law Development Office and as incoming Vice President of the UVA Young Alumni Council.

He answered a few of our questions, plus one passed along from last week’s spotlight, Luke Bowanko. Read on!

Ed note: These answers have been lightly edited.

Streaking the Lawn: What are some of the highlights of what you’ve done since UVA, and what are you doing now?

Paddy Foss: I’ve had the pleasure of staying in Charlottesville since graduation and currently work full-time in development at the UVA Law School. I also juggle part-time gigs as an on-air commentator for ESPN and the ACC Network as well as girls soccer coach at local St. Anne’s-Belfield School.

There have been many highlights but certainly my first couple years out of school working in the Virginia Athletics Foundation in support of an organization that helped fund my own education was extremely gratifying. I loved seeing the fruits of the Craig Littlepage era culminate with “The Year of the Wahoo” as he exited. Amazing.

Beyond that, being alongside the best play-by-play man around, Channing Poole, for the call of the Soccer Hoos’ return to the College Cup in 2019 was an incredible night.

STL: What are you doing during this quarantine period to keep yourself busy and/or entertained?

PF: I’ve spent most of my time balancing my remote work with Netflix consumption. I’ve finished Money Heist and Succession during quarantine and both are highly recommended.

Most recently, former UVA stud volleyballer Lexi Riccolo and I built a fence in my Fry’s Spring backyard—pics provided upon request but it’s pretty legit.

STL: Have you been able to keep up with any of your training?

PF: Since I’m retired from actual sports, I’ve had a very healthy routine of Peloton workouts and 12 oz curls of my favorite Three Notch’d beers. This translates well to quarantined life as the mini fridge is four steps from the bike—it’s all about balance. The readers can see if the plan was successful during soccer season on the ACCN — just remember the camera adds ten pounds... (Ed. Note: ...never mind I won’t say anything.)

STL: If you could have been an athlete in another sport at Virginia, which would you choose, and would you be a starter?

PF: If it is present day, and not sure how it would work with the whole being a dude thing, but softball. I would love to play for Coach Jo in the brand new Palmer Park. I’m too ADD for the outfield and I’m a lefty so it’s tough for me to play middle infield — I’m gonna say I’d be starting at first base. I hit dingers in the Charlottesville rec coed league so it’s plausible.

STL: What is your favorite UVA sports memory, either as a fan or a player?

PF: My favorite memory as a player is taking a PK and winning the 2014 national championship in Cary, NC. It was a special day and I’ve fully embraced the video of me bawling happy tears on ESPN.

As a fan, I was in Minneapolis for the basketball title last year alongside my little brother and that is a memory with him I’ll cherish forever.

STL: Which coach or teacher had the greatest impact on you while at UVA?

PF: This list could be pages and pages long but I’ll give you three..

Associate Dean of Students Julie Caruccio. She challenged me in so many ways and advised on my graduate research. She’s a star and helped me find an academic path I was passionate about.

Senior Associate AD Todd Goodale. He is the ultimate team player and works his tail off 24/7 because he truly loves us as student-athletes.

Barry Parkhill. Barry is the most influential person in the history of UVA Athletics. Full stop.

STL: Do you have any career advice for current students or recent alumni?

PF: Get outside the athletics bubble. Your fellow students are brilliant and can make you better — get out and get involved with them and you will broaden not only your network but your passions.

STL: What do you see that current UVA student-athletes have on Grounds that you wish you had (facilities, resources, coach)?

PF: Truth is I had everything I ever needed. That said if/when the Master Plan is completed, those athletes will be living in a wonderland.

STL: What is your favorite Charlottesville restaurant?

PF: Al Carbon. Total hidden gem up 29.

STL: A bonus question from Luke Bowanko last week! What was your go to sauce on stir fry night at JPJ?

PF: Great question here. I was a sriracha/teriyaki/soy sauce combo. Shout out to the JPJ dining staff; those people are the best.