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Bronco Mendenhall joins ACC Network’s Packer and Durham

Virginia Football’s head coach discusses all things football and more!

NCAA Football: Virginia at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Football announced that its return to Grounds is set for July 5. Head coach Bronco Mendenhall joined Mark Packer and Wes Durham on the Packer and Durham show on ACC Network Friday (June 26) to discuss the return of football, the Cavaliers this season, and more.

Mendenhall joined the show from his picturesque back porch and emphasized that his priority is the safety of his players.

“I think it’s debatable if the process has to start,” Mendenhall told Packer and Durham on the return of football. “Our players will be returning July 5th, and on our team I’ve made it just simply optional. For all those that want to participate, I’m going to coach the team and do the very best I can keeping them safe and keeping them well and keeping them growing and progressing through these unique and challenging times. For our players that aren’t returning, there’s no penalty. They’ll have their scholarships.”

Mendenhall addressed the actions of Charles Snowden and others with regards to social issues that are ongoing in the country. He stated he was proud of their players for them taking stands in what they believe in, and that one of his jobs is to make sure his men are, “competent, prepared, and able” to speak out when their beliefs align with action.

Beyond that, Mendenhall was aware that while football isn’t the most important thing, it can be a way for society to heal.

“The game of football, at this time, it wouldn’t be playing football for the sake of playing football. At least not at the University of Virginia,” Mendenhall stated. “This is playing a game almost in defiance of something that is so overpowering to show that a collective group of people can make powerful choices and navigate something in a positive way and a meaningful way that actually deepens relationships and perpetuates personal growth.”

Packer and Durham asked him to go more in depth about the Wahoo football team this coming season, and Coach is excited about the opportunity to build on the 9-5 season from 2019.

“I actually love our quarterback position,” Mendenhall said of the ball slingers on the roster. While he’s aware that a lot of people might be counting out the Cavaliers as a result of Bryce Perkins (and 78.5% of the offense that he accounted for) graduating, Mendenhall has high hopes for the team this season.

“The easy answer for Virginia is ‘oh they lost Bryce [Perkins] so they won’t be any good,’” Mendenhall explained. “But for those that look a little deeper and actually do their research and really invest in our program, I think they’ll see it different.”

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