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Schedule announced for all of Virginia’s fall sports

Football, men’s and women’s soccer, cross country, field hockey, and volleyball have schedules!

2019 NCAA Division I Men’s Soccer Championship Photo by Gregg Forwerck/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Last week, the ACC announced the schedules for all of the fall sports. Cross country, men’s and women’s soccer, field hockey, and volleyball will all be operating on shortened schedules this fall as the country continues to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Cavaliers don’t have any non-conference games scheduled except the recent addition of Abilene-Christian in football (November 21).

The cross country season gets underway September 11-12 and runs (haha, see what we did there?) through October 23-24. The ACC Championships will take place October 30. Check out the official press release for all of the ACC tournament and championship info for soccer, field hockey, and volleyball.

We compiled the full fall schedule (minus cross country) below. The six field hockey games denoted by the ACC as conference matchups have been annotated with an asterisk (*). Games that have game times or channels assigned will have those times/stations listed.

September 12

Women’s Soccer: Virginia Tech @ Virginia

September 17

Women’s Soccer: Virginia @ Duke

September 19

Football: Virginia @ Virginia Tech, 3:30pm or 7:30pm (ABC)

September 20

Women’s Soccer: Virginia @ Clemson

September 25

Women’s Soccer: Virginia @ Virginia Tech

September 26

Field Hockey: Wake Forest @ Virginia, 12pm

September 27

Field Hockey: Wake Forest @ Virginia, 12pm*

October 1

Women’s Soccer: Pitt @ Virginia

October 2

Field Hockey: Syracuse @ Virginia, 3pm*

Volleyball: Duke @ Virginia, 6:30pm

October 3

Men’s Soccer: Virginia @ Virginia Tech, 6pm

Volleyball: Duke @ Virginia, 6:30pm

Football: Virginia @ Clemson

October 4

Field Hockey: Syracuse @ Virginia, 3pm

Women’s Soccer: Miami @ Virginia

October 8

Women’s Soccer: Virginia @ North Carolina

October 9

Men’s Soccer: Louisville @ Virginia, 7pm

Volleyball: Virginia @ North Carolina, 6:30pm

October 10

Football: NC State @ Virginia

October 11

Field Hockey: Virginia @ North Carolina 12pm*

Volleyball: Virginia @ North Carolina, 6:30pm

October 12

Field Hockey: Virginia @ North Carolina 12pm

October 15

Women’s Soccer: Louisville @ Virginia

October 16

Volleyball: Virginia @ Virginia Tech, 6:30pm

Men’s Soccer: Pitt @ Virginia, 7pm

October 17

Football: Virginia @ Wake Forest

October 18

Field Hockey: Virginia @ Boston College, 12pm*

Volleyball: Virginia @ Virginia Tech, 6:30pm

Women’s Soccer: Florida State @ Virginia

October 23

Field Hockey: Louisville @ Virginia, 4:30pm*

Volleyball: NC State @ Virginia, 6:30pm

October 24

Men’s Soccer: Virginia @ Notre Dame, 1pm

Field Hockey: Louisville @ Virginia, 4:30pm

Volleyball: NC State @ Virginia, 6:30pm

Football: Virginia @ Miami

October 29

Women’s Soccer: Virginia @ Boston College

October 30

Men’s Soccer: Virginia @ Syracuse, 7pm

October 31

Field Hockey: Virginia @ Duke, 1pm*

Football: North Carolina @ Virginia

November 1

Women’s Soccer: Virginia @ Syracuse

November 6

Men’s Soccer: Virginia Tech @ Virginia, 7pm

November 7

Football: Louisville @ Virginia

November 14

Football: Duke @ Virginia

November 21

Football: Abilene-Christian @ Virginia

November 28

Football: Virginia @ Florida State

December 5

Football: Boston College @ Virginia