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Virginia Releases Statement: NCAA Tournament status still up in the air

UVA will be in the bracket come Sunday, but will they play?

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Virginia Syracuse Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

After canceling their game on Friday night against Georgia Tech, the Virginia Cavaliers released a statement Friday afternoon regarding their status for next week’s NCAA Tournament.

The answer: we don’t know either.

Obviously now the situation is a wait and watch for UVA. They have to get through the COVID protocols the NCAA is setting out.

The NCAA has remained adamant that a team only needs 5 players to play in the tournament, but given sources have told CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander that the UVA player is one that played against Syracuse on Thursday, that player is pretty important and the entire team mobbed each other at the end of the game.

Who knows.

COVID refuses to stop striking.