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Streaking the Lawn Podcast - 4/1/21 - Reflecting on the Season and Roster Turnover

Hoos left for the Hoos?

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 20 Division I Mens Tournament - Ohio v Virginia Photo by Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Streaking The Lawn Podcast - Each week, your Streaking the Lawn podcast crew gets together to talk about the latest and greatest with all things Virginia and beyond.

Pierce and Caroline are back this week to wrap up the insanity that was the 20-21 COVID men’s basketball season. The Hoos dropped a disappointing first round came to Ohio after dealing with a sudden ACC tournament COVID exit - and now the transfer flood gates have opened up. What went wrong for the Hoos outside of the pandemic? Where are the biggest needs on the roster now that most of the bench has decided to leave? With all of the turmoil and unknowns to be addressed, there should be more breaking news and new faces to join the team in what’s sure to be the craziest offseason in NCAA history. The STL duo are here to start breaking it down!