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Exciting changes on STL: Caroline to become Senior Producer; Brian to become GM!

With these changes, Streaking the Lawn is evolving to the next level.

NCAA Basketball: VCU at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

About twelve years ago, probably some time around midnight, I was lying in bed in my apartment catty corner from Madison Square Garden in New York, feeling disconnected. I had spent seven straight years in Charlottesville, having gone straight through from undergrad to law school. I was only about a year into practicing law, but I felt so far away from the UVA community that had become so ingrained in me. As I laid there, listening to the sweet symphony of honking taxi cabs, I started to think of ways that I could reconnect with the University and help draw other alumni back together again as well.

So was born Streaking the Lawn.

I set out to create a small blog — then on Joomla, for you developer nerds out there — whereby I could just mash out thoughts on UVA sports, and in particular on those sports that didn’t ordinarily get much attention. I remember the first time the site got more than 50 visitors in a day (thanks for the refreshes, mom!). That was a big moment. Will, whom I only knew through Twitter at the time, joined me shortly thereafter, and we just kept going from there. I had no idea that this silly blog would turn into the media outlet it is today.

A lot has happened over the past twelve years: writers have come and gone; we’ve raised/donated over $100K to charity; we’ve thrown IRL events; we’ve created really awesome feature stories. All this while still providing round-the-clock coverage of Virginia athletics.

Today we turn the page to a new chapter, and we’re really excited about it. Caroline Darney, whom you all already know and love, is taking on a full-time position as Senior Producer of Streaking the Lawn. This means that she’s going to dedicate all of her working hours to creating amazing content and elevating STL’s coverage of UVA sports across the board. She’s got huge ideas to revamp coverage, tackle new stories, and continue building this amazing STL community both on-and-off the website.

For me, it means I’m stepping down from the Editor-in-Chief role and largely out of editorial altogether. Instead, I’m taking on a General Manager position, which means that my primary focus will be on the business of Streaking the Lawn. I want to find more sponsorship opportunities to connect Charlottesville-based business with all of you, the highly engaged sports fanatics who bleed orange and blue. I want to find more ways to bring STL to you — more tailgates, meet-ups, contests, and prizes. I want to find more ways to raise money for charities to convert our passion for the greater good.

Operationally, hopefully you the readers won’t notice anything. The STL gang remains the same. We’re just reorganizing in a way that will bring you a ton more creative and journalistic editorial content, as well as finding ways to amplify our reach, engagement, and impact among the UVA and Charlottesville audiences and communities.

We’re really excited about this, and we hope you share in our excitement!

Have ideas? We always want to hear from you. You can email Caroline at or me at Catch us on the Twitters at @cwdarney or @TheUVAFool.