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Around the Corner 10/11: UVA football corners are elite, basketball has real depth, and a lacrosse fall ball look-in

Good morning!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 17 Old Dominion at Virginia Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Helllooooo my dear friends and thank you for joining me for another morning of Around the Corner checking in on the world of the Virginia Cavaliers. Little football, lot of basketball, little men’s lax for y’all on this slightly chilly Tuesday.

Notable news

‘I’m going to build a program’: Despite early struggles, Virginia coach Tony Elliott sticking to his plan — Daily Progress

Little bit of football news/content today, despite my qualms. Say what you will about Tony Elliott, he’s committed to what he believes in doing and I can absolutely respect that. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place as the new HC following in the foot steps of a fairly successful, but not great, coach before him. That’s an odd situation and one the team clearly hasn’t handled well, but the long term failure or success will still be what determines how Elliott does at UVA, not six games or one season.

One-on-one with Tony Bennett (Part 1) — On3

Quick, funny interview with Tony Bennett on On3 here. Talks a bit about this current roster, how he would’ve handled recruiting himself, and why Reece and Kihei might playa bit less this year.

Evaluating Virginia men’s basketball’s 2022-2023 roster and rotation — Streaking the Lawn

In case you missed it, we published this in-depth basketball roster evaluation yesterday morning which goes through each of the scholarship players and their chances to make the rotation for this upcoming season.

Streaking the Lawn Podcast - 10/10/22 - Preseason Basketball Mailbag! — Streaking the Lawn

AND! Final plug, I promise. We put up our preseason basketball mailbag yesterday and it’s a juicy hour of discussion and debate. Had fun chatting it up with Pierce and Ben.

Social media dive

Cool to see the men’s basketball team putting up video and audio content for the team in preseason practice. I’ll agree with Coach Vandross, this team absolutely has depth, experience, and exciting youngins.

Dug up these numbers last night, but probably the two big bright spots for UVA football so far this season have been outside corners Fentrell Cypress II and Anthony Johnson who have been rated among the top-20 corners in the NCAA through six games.

Cool little video here. Xander Dickson is an absolute character and a funny dude. Must watch.

Student perspective

Phew, well Tuesday is here. Class keeps rolling along, per usual. Nothing too fun to note on the school front. Finding housing = still stressful, though.

On an STL front, had some fun diving into our podcast listener numbers last night and discovered that we’ve had 52 downloads from the country of Djibouti so far in 2022. So, if you’re reading this from Djibouti, a great many thanks for helping us build our global media empire. 82 downloads from Australia is another cool number.