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UVA Basketball Fan Reacts Survey Results: Fanbase expecting a breakout year from Reece Beekman

The results from this week’s survey are expected, but still interesting.

Saint Bonaventure v Virginia Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

After we asked the Virginia Cavaliers faithful our most pressing questions about the upcoming UVA men’s basketball season earlier this week, we’ve got the results!

Starting off with a question regarding the excitement level for UVA’s newcomers, 52% of Wahoo fans voted that Isaac McKneely is the player they are most excited to watch among Virginia’s five new faces while Isaac Traudt and Ben Vander Plas each received 21% of the selections and Leon Bond and Ryan Dunn each totaled 3%. Considering the latter two are least likely to get minutes this season and that McKneely could very well provide the perimeter shooting and guard depth the team needs, these results make plenty of sense.

SB Nation Fan Reacts

Next up, we asked a broader scale question regarding how everybody sees the ‘Hoos stacking up in ACC play. Somewhat expectedly with North Carolina projected as one of the best teams in the country, 40% of UVA fans picked UVA to finish second in the ACC. Another 33% voting third place probably implies how good Duke could be this season, while 18% picking the ‘Hoos for first place indicates that there is still plenty of confidence in Tony Bennett’s team with 91% of UVA fans foreseeing Virginia placing among the top-three in the ACC.

SB Nation Fan Reacts

Thirdly, we surveyed UVA fans regarding who they think will be Virginia’s best player this season. With 67% voting Reece Beekman and another 13% choosing Kadin Shedrick, clearly the Wahoo faithful are expecting big leaps from the two rising juniors this season. Jayden Gardner getting 19% of the vote makes sense but is maybe a bit low considering he was the team’s leading scorer last season. And Kihei Clark still got 1% of the vote...

SB Nation Fan Reacts

As for the fanbase’s confidence in the program overall, 95% indicated that they’re either extremely confident (60%) or moderately confident (35%) in the future of the team. No surprise here although the 35% who said moderately confident are largely a result of a few poor years of recruiting and last season’s struggles.

SB Nation Fan Reacts

Stay tuned each week for more questions like these!

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