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Around the Corner 10/27: UVA women’s basketball’s 2023 class ranked 12th, staff encouraging Armstrong to run, and Malcolm Brogdon garners praise

Another day in the UVA sports world!

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Boston Celtics v Orlando Magic Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Good morning all and thank you so very kindly for being a part of today’s Around the Corner as we take a look at your very own Virginia Cavaliers!

Notable news

2023 women’s college basketball recruiting class rankings: Top 15 before national signing day — ESPN

Boom baby. The hype is real for Coach Mox’s program and the first recruiting class she’s truly been able to sink her teeth into.

Coach Amaka Agugua-Hamilton has already made an impression since taking over in March, landing quality transfers and a strong 2023 recruiting class. Kymora Johnson is a lead guard with long range. Her steady presence, fundamental approach, passing skills and leadership intangibles make her teammates better. No. 45 Olivia McGhee is a big guard who is a gifted scorer. She can drive for the pull-up, hit the corner 3 or punish opponents with post-up opportunities.

Everything Virginia OC Des Kitchings said ahead of Miami — Wahoos247

Couple interesting notes here, including Kitchings’ emphasis on Brennan running the ball. Sounds a bit... odd coming from a staff which has been so hell-bent on creating a more ridged system. But, hey, good for them for adapting to what works and admitting the value that Armstrong pulling the ball and going has:

“Gives an advantage against the defense, right? Get an extra blocker in the run game, but again in the passing game, he’s going through his progressions, and if it’s not there, like just go, just go. Don’t sit there and hold the ball in the pocket if it’s not there, just play ball.”

Malcolm Brogdon is the Celtics’ ‘chameleon’ whose goal is to fit in — and win — The Athletic

Really great piece on Brogdon here with perspective from his teammates on what it means to have him coming off the bench. We’ve covered his situation in Boston at some detail, but this quote from him sums it up pretty well:

“‘This is the most concerned about winning I’ve ever been in my career,’ Brogdon said. ‘I’ve gotten paid. I’ve proven I can be a first, second option. And now I just want to win. I’m willing to sacrifice to win and do something special.’”

Social media dive

In other women’s basketball content, here’s a pretty funny video from the team’s tiktok account. Can’t help but be excited about the energy and fun-loving nature of this program.

Not particularly UVA sports related, but fall has definitely falled in Charlottesville.

Student perspective

Had my 6:00 PM discussion canceled yesterday, so that was a nice Wednesday treat. Throw in the fact that my mom had a batch of 12 cookies from Insomnia Cookies delivered to my door and it was a pretty good (and fattening) evening. Also spent time on a Zoom call with the fam back home, so that made an enjoyable and slightly less work-focused day for me.

And, hey! We got football back in Charlottesville in two days and basketball coming in 11 mother-freaking days baby!