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Around the Corner 10/28: Reece Beekman on draft boards, Tony Bennett adjusting to new reality in college basketball, and UVA football hoping to defend Scott Stadium

Plenty to cover today!

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Duke v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Good morning Wahoo fans and welcome into yet another day of the Virginia Cavaliers athletics experience.

Notable news

Jayden Gardner Placed on Karl Malone Award Watch List — Cavaliers Now

Cool to see Jayden Gsrdner recognized as one of the top-20 power forwards in college basketball heading into the season. After Kihei Clark was named to the preseason Bob Cousy Award Watch List, UVA’s experience is clearly well established. Hopefully that translates onto the court.

Hoos Looking to Seize Opportunity — Virginia Sports

Story from Jeff White from earlier in the week, but it’s crazy how there’s still plenty to play for this season despite how bad UVA football has looked at time this year. Beating Miami would put the ‘Hoos at 4-4 with a realistic chance at reaching bowl eligibility. Of course, now that I’ve said that they’ll lose to Miami by three scores on Saturday.

UVA women’s soccer tops Miami 1-0 in regular season finale — Streaking the Lawn

The #8 team in the country finished up the regular season yesterday by beating Miami on the road. The ‘Hoos now enter postseason play as they play Duke in the ACC Tournament.

Social media

We already acknowledged this a few weeks ago, but lord almighty UVA’s outside corners have been absolutely phenomenal this season. PFF grades aren’t the be-all, end-all. But, still, opposing offenses haven’t been able to do much damage through the air and Fentrell Cypress II and Anthony Johnson are the two biggest reasons.

Another cool story from the Athletic on UVA basketball. Here’s the link. I believe it’s behind a paywall, but they might allow a few free stories before making people subscribe, or there seems to be a pretty low price deal. Either way, this quote they tweeted is notable.

Little Halloween humor here...

This means something. Personally I think Beekman still has two seasons to play in Charlottesville, but if he has the type of season I think most Wahoo fans are hoping for, he could push his way into that late first, early to middle second round area of the NBA Draft in 2023.

Student perspective

Ah, Friday. Slept in for real for the first time in a while this morning, so that was pretty nice. It’s also Halloween weekend so the costume festivities are in full force. If I actually dress up I believe my current plan is to wear either a De’Andre Hunter Hawks jersey or a Joe Harris Nets jersey.

Otherwise, hopefully the noon kickoff time on Saturday doesn’t keep too many students away. That plus Culture Fest (I think that’s what it’s called...) could draw a lot of students away from the football game, from what I’ve heard. To that I shake my head with the rest of you.

Regardless, hope you all have a great Friday!